Baby in USA dressed as 'Harry Potter' Puts A Spell On the Internet


Meet Baby Lorelai… the daughter of US based photographer Kayla Glover. The camera skills of Kayla, alongside the cuteness of young Lorelai have truly put a spell on the internet.

Kayla quit her job and started her Photography business once she bacame a first-time mum. She showcases a range of portrait photography and themed photo shoots on her website, but it is her shoot with Lorelai themed around Harry Potter that have captured attention worldwide.

Let’s hope she continues producing magical work like this, and in the mean time she’s certainly made the world smile. And young Lorelai is certainly not phased by the new-found fame at such a young age.

Thanks to Kayla Glover.

And Find Her on Facebook and Instagram via: Kayla Layla Photography



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