Global National: Nov. 7, 2020 | Biden set to become next US president, Trump refuses to concede


In tonight’s top story: After days of relentless ballot-counting, president-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the presidential race. Many Biden supporters hit the streets to celebrate across the states, but the Republicans aren’t in any rush to leave, and Trump refuses to concede. Jennifer Johnson reports.

Biden’s path to the presidency isn’t expected to be easy, as Trump and his legal team are vowing to fight the election results. Mike Armstrong outlines the fraud and transparency allegations Trump’s team is going to bring before the court, which are unlikely going to change the election results.

Despite the pandemic, Americans took to the streets to celebrate the declaration of Biden as the next president, in what they called a “historic victory” for the Democrats. Jeff Semple reports from a Downtown Detroit, Michigan celebration.

Canada, more than the rest of the world, is affected by the U.S. election results, and the new administration will have an impact on the Canada-U.S. relationship. Abigail Bimman looks at how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and president-elect Joe Biden will make it work.

As many Canadian provinces are seeing a surge in cases, the solution to the pandemic is a vaccine that could be many months away, and still has to get approved by Health Canada. Carolyn Jarvis reports on the hesitancy of some Canadians on whether they’ll actually take the vaccine.

Plus, Joe Biden’s right hand: Kamala Harris; the first woman, the first person of colour and of South Asian descent to be elected to the role of vice-president. Eric Sorensen shows how Harris is making history by taking over the job.

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