USA – Spring Fashion – Pajama Trend


Surely by now you’ve heard about the hottest trend for Spring. It’s back again- the Pajama Trend. Everyone from Rihanna to Florence is rocking their silky pants and slippers turning jammies into glammies. So, I thought I’d share a few of my pajama looks with you:

Now normally I don’t get dressed up to travel. I like to be comfortable on the plane, but I got real fancy for this flight. Notice my gorgeous accessories. Here’s a tip for you ladies: you can always spice up your pajama look with a snazzy eye mask or neck pillow.

This is a little number I wore to my cousins wedding. I don’t mean to be smug, but it was black tie.

My husband wanted in on the trend as well. Normally he’s not into fashion, but he really embraced this pajama trend at a recent surprise party we threw for my mother. She was SO surprised.

Now make sure to tune in next week for my tips on tailoring your birthday suit.

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